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"Meeting with you is pure joy. It's like you took a dip in my soul, really studied my vision board, and distilled our session perfectly!"

-Susie V.

I Never Thought I Would Come This Far

I race out of bed in the mornings to see what adventure the day will hold. The courage to live a life less ordinary came through a set of conversations and exercises that led to a life-changing series of decisions.

From growing up poor to becoming a self made millionaire, there is no way I could have come this far without breaking all my own limitations and fears. The journey of a critical inch can seem like a thousand miles. It took hard work and discipline but I learned tools and strategies that helped me get instant results. Most people don't wake up excited because the goals they are pursuing aren't exciting enough.

Quit that job you hate, lose the unwanted weight.

Stop listening to what "they" say. Most of it isn't true. Nobody has to live your life but you.

Feeling empowered to make life's big decisions is easier with coaches and mentors who have done it before you. Become the most interesting person you know.

Being My Own Boss

When I first started my own business I was terrified. I had no idea that iHeart Nature would become a fast-growing natural skin care company with raving fans giving people incredible results.

The dream of starting a business was intimidating - that's why I put it off for years. I was afraid of failing. Eventually there came a day when the pain of not doing it outweighed the fear of putting myself out there. Maybe you have a secret desire that you aren't acting on because you are afraid of what will happen if you fail. Have you ever thought of what will happen if you never even try? What is the price of not acting on the dreams that help us feel alive?

If I hadn't taken that first step, I would never have seen the amazing sights on the incredible journey I have had with iheart Nature. Visit our site to see our our best-selling turmeric soap.

The Ancient Art of Meditation

For decades I have practiced the ancient Indian art of meditation with yogic transmission under my Guru Kamlesh Patel, the Global Spiritual Guide of the Heartfulness Institute. I became a certified meditation trainer for the Heartfulness Institute in 2015 and also serve as the Institute's Director of Continuing Medical Education.

Mastering my inner voice, living an authentic life, and staying true to my core values outside the influence of others are just the tip of the iceberg on what meditation has done for me.

I have seen people become rich and successful and still be unhappy and restless. The spirit must be cared for and prioritized so that the efforts we put into achieving our goals nourish our inner wellbeing.

Let's Get to Work.

Imagine having the money and time to travel, live and work on your own schedule, meet interesting people that inspire and motivate you. Imagine being energetic and physically fit, ready to conquer the world. Imagine feeling loved and respected, able to donate to your favorite causes.

Life is too short not to pursue that which holds the most meaning and purpose. You have a unique place in this world and with the right tools and strategies you can step into that destiny. It's not as hard as you think. Invest in yourself today and watch the payoffs for years to come.