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8 Week Design the Dream Package

After setting the foundation with the 4 Week Feel the Magic Package, next level learners will move on to build on their life changing skills. Using the tool of measurable milestones, in this 4 weeks we are going to help you imagine your life several years out. How do you feel in the future? What have you accomplished? Will you retire early? Travel the world with passive income or work from home with all your desired flexibility? The creativity you harness from the first four weeks is going to be pushed into manifesting a new reality.

4 Week Feel The Magic Package + 4 Additional Weeks

4 Week Feel The Magic Package

Big goals bring big magic. In the first four 60 minute sessions Dr. Miryala will lay the foundation for new thought patterns, actions and choices to make you feel alive with purpose. Imagine yourself fulfilled in your personal life, relaxed in your creative endeavors, and making serious financial gains capitalizing on work you enjoy.

Ready to take that further? In the next 4 weeks Ragini MD will help you Connect with Higher Purpose, Imagine the Future, and Invest in Yourself.

Design Now

Connect with Higher Purpose

In the first 4 weeks you have elevated your emotional intelligence. Having discovered your core values, changed old habits or formed new ones that are better aligned with your life's true purpose, it's now time to find your calling. We have passions buried deep inside us that we are afraid to bring to light because we feel these dreams are impossible to achieve. Now that we KNOW we deserve them, it's time to reach for the sky.

In these 4 sessions we will establish timelines and action items to get you to your next level goals. For example, if you lost some weight in the first four weeks, how are we going to keep you on that road to fitness? If you realized you aren't satisfied with your job, how are we going to move you further in your career? Ragini MD will give you a structured way to dream bigger while staying real.

Imagine the Future

We cannot manifest a life that we cannot first imagine. It's time to create vision boards of what we would like to see come to pass. Whether it is a trip around the world, a promotion, a business of our own, we have to become clear about what we want.

This 4 weeks will be about getting a clear picture of the road ahead. Ragini MD will give you powerful exercises to set subconscious energy of goals into motion.

Invest in Yourself

Too often we stagnate. We stop learning new skills, stop going to classes. Let school not be the end of your education. It is essential to continue to read, attend workshops, take online classes, get advice from trusted mentors. RaginiMD will help you decide how you plan to keep yourself relevant, how to not shy away from things like being "tech savvy" or learning how to be your own "fianancial advisor". Most people can become literate in difficult and intimidating fields with just a bit of encouragement and the right resources. If not knowing how to effectively use social media is hampering your revenue, it's time to turn that around.

There's nothing other people can do that you can't learn how to do. The determination to succeed is the only difference. We can't have expertise in everything but with a little investment we can teach ourselves new skills and stay current in this fast-paced world.