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12 Week Live The Destiny

You are now ready to master the lessons of the first 8 weeks and consolidate them into lifelong thought patterns and habits. No longer afraid of self-limiting beliefs, in this 4 weeks we are going to help you feel comfortable that there is no going backwards - that your knowledge of your Higher Self and whatever values you hold near and dear are going to be your compass from here on out. This level is about sure-footedness, and indeed even reaching a level where you can teach others what you now know.

8 Week Design the Dream Package + 4 Additional Sessions

8 Week Design the Dream Package

After setting the foundation with the 4 Week Feel the Magic Package, next level learners moved on to build on their life changing skills using the tool of measurable milestones in the 8 weeks Design the Dream Package.

It's not over yet. After 8 weeks of working on yourself, some fatigue is natural. The creativity you harness from the first eight weeks is going to be pushed into manifesting a new reality. It's time now to see parts of yourself you have never seen before, come into your truth, and face the journey ahead. A true transformation can be unnerving and the pull to revert back into old habits is strong. Ragini MD will help you overcome your inner resistance so you can become comfortable with the new you.

Design Now

Go The Distance

You have let go of the past and actively engaged in your present with the 4 and 8 week course packages, it's time to think about the limitless possibilities of the future. What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? Let's figure that out together and then give it a healthy dose of realism. This is not a pipe dreams course. Hard work with sustained motivation as well as being able to strategically think goals through lead to incremental growth that builds on itself. Dr. Miryala will walk you through the disciplined practices of successful people that turn ideas into reality. Ragini MD is here to prevent regression into old habits and thought patterns. We all need motivation and inspiration from people who have climbed the mountain before us. Words of wisdom and encouragement from an experienced coach like Ragini MD can push you up to a point where you can stand and enjoy the view, knowing that your life is forever transformed.

Expand Consciousness

There are bigger questions about what your purpose is than just the basics of personal and professional life. Deeper, more subconscious desires that require a more expansive knowledge of our inner self. Contemplative practices such as meditation and yoga are the cornerstones. They give us courage. Dr. Miryala is a certified meditation trainer for the Heartfulness Institute and has trained under her spiritual guide, Dr. Kamlesh Patel, for 20 years.

Lead The Way

We are now at the top of the heirarchy of needs and believe it or not, the top can seem scary and lonely. Having broken free of the limitations that hold the vast majority of people back, you now have to be able to live with the changes within yourself and walk a path that is unfamiliar. Let's say you decided to become vegetarian. How will this impact your family and social life? Let's say you have decided to pursue a degree, become the founder of a startup, lead a safari in Africa, or transition to a stay at home mom. To lead you have to stay free from outside judgement and help those around you feel at ease with you have become.

This is an exciting time full of adventure! Instead of fearing the unknown, let's savor the victory of a life less ordinary.